Revelstoke Dam Generator #5

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Many of British Columbia’s hydroelectric dams are located in the province’s most remote and rugged locations. Coupled with severe weather conditions, dam construction projects pose a unique set of challenging circumstances. The Revelstoke Dam was no exception.

H&J Ready Mix was contracted to supply the concrete and pouring services for the Generator #5 project at the Revelstoke Dam. Under the most stringent of materials specifications, we were also faced with a project that involved:

  • Tight quality control standards and rigorous testing protocols
  • Long pour distances with several vertical drops
  • Heavy snowfall and cold weather conditions in the winters of 2008/2009 and 2009/2010
  • Continuous mass pours up to 72 hours in duration
  • Strict adherence to environmental and safety protocols

The concrete we supplied included a highly pervious, custom mix to allow for drainage, as well as 40% and 60% fly ash mixes to minimize shrinkage and heat on mass pours. All of our concrete exceeded CSA standards to meet the specifications set out by BC Hydro.